Task Description

On July 30th the task was fixed by the advisory council. A concise definition will be published in October 2015. What follows is an overall description of the task that resembles real-world requirements in civil aircraft design and which will be transferred to model aircraft design.  

Develop an airworthy and efficient model plane of any configuration that fulfills some essential real-world civil aircraft requirements and demonstrate its airworthiness and efficiency by a test flight.


  • The aircraft has to carry a payload of specified size and weight representing passengers and cargo
  • In addition, a trim weight of specified mass will be positioned at the front or rear end of the payload 
    to represent a centre of gravity movement in real-world passenger aircraft
  • The aircraft must be capable to take-off, fly maneuvers and land with one critical engine made inoperative
  • The aircraft must be capable to land with a specified minimum velocity
  • The aircraft must fly a looping to proof its structural integrity


The following deliverables have to be submitted during the competition:

  • Preliminary design report (PDR)
  • Critical design report (CDR)
  • Design report
  • Flight demonstration with specific tasks to demonstrate the airworthiness and efficiency of your aircraft. 
    The test flight results are to be checked against your predictions in the design report
  • De-Briefing
  • Science slam

Rules and Regulations

There is a downloadable version of the current Rules and Regulations.