Fabian von Gleich, Head of Strategy and Development Site Hamburg, Airbus:

“We believe that this competition is an excellent opportunity for future aircraft engineers to gain valuable experience in the field of applied aircraft development. Students participating in this competition will have the privilege to exchange directly with some of Airbus’ leading engineering experts. We explicitly encourage all competing teams to explore unconventional aircraft concepts or new ways of working related to aircraft development and testing. We are looking forward to see what Airbus can learn from the competing teams as well. Finally, we also excited to meet talented students and support them in their personal and professional development."

Roland Gerhards manager of ZAL (engl.: Hamburg's Center for Applied Aeronautical Research):

"When I first heard about the idea of the competition, I was immediately excited. It is an enrichment to help students and interested model flyers participate in realizing the vision of new flying and it also supports the networking. With the strong focus on innovation and the creativity this competition also suits ZAL. That is why I agreed on becoming a member of the Advisory Council."

Elke Niemann, Talent Relationship Management and University Contacts:

"The competition offers us a new possibility to get in contact with students and aviation enthusiasts. I'm excited how competitors will apply innovative technology and which kind of knowledge they will acquire along with the competition."

Dr. Franz Josef Kirschfink, manager of Hamburg Aviation: 

"The Aviation Cluster appreciates this competition as an additional incentive for awaking enthusiasm of academic young talents for our branch of industry. It is a novelty, that people from outside the industry compete in designing innovative and airworthy technical demonstrators. That's why I pledged to support the competition on behalf of Hamburg Aviation."

All statements were originally given in german and translated by "New Flying Competition" for publication purposes.