Jury Board 2020

The task of the New Flying Competition 2020 has been approved by experts from the aviation industry. 


Here you can find a short introduction to the members of the Advisory Council.

Jury Chairman Dr. Christoph Hess


"After my diploma in aerospace engineering I started my career with the former corporate research group of Airbus. There, I spent more than 5 years working on production processes for aircraft frames in CFRP. In 2013, I moved to the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research and most recently I developed robotic systems for the MRO field."


NFC Motivation/Expectation:

The transition from hover to the forward/cruise flight is not as easy as it seems and needs complex control systems. But also, to be efficient over the flight time over 15 Minutes, including a full looping, makes the competition not easier…


In the study you learn theory and self-organization. But after this, it is often the case that it is very difficult to translate the theory into practice. In this competition, however, this is an essential prerequisite and I am very curious how the task will be implemented and what special attention will be given to the design.

Finally, I would like to see a performance comparison of different VTOL fixed-wing designs as well as a prediction of 'specific energy consumption'. I wish you success.

Jury Member Joachim Kienzler-Cleuvers

Principale Design Engineer – Lufthansa Technik Hamburg


Graduate engineer in the field of communications engineering/high-frequency engineering and responsible at Lufthansa Technik for cross-functional technical leadership of the Lufthansa Technik Design Engineering on procedural and technological issues. Lead and advise in the context of the competence of Senior Engineers. Initiate and ensure cross-project technological optimization and be responsible for process management. Accompany audits by regulatory authorities (e.g. LBA, EASA, FAA), OEM's and customers. Represent Lufthansa Technik in internal and external events and participate in international committees (e.g. ARINC, RTCA, EUROCAE), congresses and trade fairs. Support standardization processes within Lufthansa Technik, the Lufthansa Group and the international industrial environment in the interests of the company.


NFC Motivation/Expectation:

Be in contact with universities and students around the world. Help them in their first steps to the real world of aircraft engineering. Seeking for todays solutions for tomorrows problems.

Jury Member Bernd Trahmer

Senior Engineer in the field of future projects – Airbus Commercial Hamburg


After getting my diploma in aircraft design I did join Airbus in Hamburg. Since more than 25 years I am working on overall aircraft design for several projects, starting with A3XX/A380.

Both as guest lecturer at Airbus partner Universities and as flight instructor for sailplanes and I am happy to share expertise with next generations of engineers and pilots and help them grow.

Therefore, I did immediately agree to join the jury and formulate the task for the first New Flying Contest which has gradually evolved since then.


NFC Motivation/Expectation:

I am sure that learning on such a case that addresses future aviation trends as well as capabilities to design and build and operate an aircraft will help participants a lot more than reading a thick book about theoretical thoughts. For any next round I hope for participating teams that do not only enjoy this learning-by-doing but are as well eager to score high, not leaving aside on the way to their take off those quick-wins that will finally make the difference between the good and the better.

Jury Member Boris Wechsler

Senior Systems Engineer – ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research GmbH Hamburg


After graduating in aircraft systems technology, I specialized in lightweight design and automation for aerospace industry. I am an expert in airframe design and production and oversee UAS projects within industrial and research contexts at the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research in Hamburg, where we develop drones and drone technologies for industrial purposes.


NFC Motivation/Expectation:

Airplanes and flying in general have been passions of mine for as long as I can remember. Together with my father I started building and flying RC planes when I was but a child and I am carrying on with this hobby till this day. These passions also guided me in my educational and career choices.


I love technical discussions about aircraft technology and appreciate intelligent aircraft designs, which led me to join the jury of the New Flying Competition. There can be quite a difference between a flying RC plane and an actually good design. And while it is usually not too complicated to get an RC plane into the air, it’s the details that differentiate one from the other. And it’s also those details that require most of the time and attention when designing, testing and optimizing a flying vehicle.


The New Flying Cometition with its set of rules and time frame forces its participants to perfect their designs, while focusing on the right details, in order to win. I am really looking forward to seeing the results of all this effort.