This overview of the frequently asked questions about the NFC 2020 will be regularly updated and extended.

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How does the competition benefit myself as a participant?


-During several stages of the event you will face situations in which you have to take responsibilities but also times you and your team are forced to make compromises in order to achieve a mutual goal.

Furthermore you will be able to make contact with numerous other aviations enthusiasts from all over the world and representatives of our partners and sponsors from the aircraft industry.


Who can participate in the New Flying Competition?


Participants of the New Flying Competiton have to be enrolled as degree seeking students in a university. Every team is allowed to have one PhD-student as a team member.

If you presumably graduate inbefore the actual date of the competition (24 - 28 September 2020) you still can participate if your graduation does not take place more than 8 months prior to the competition.

How do I apply?


Registration for NFC 2020 is open until 31 October 2019.

Who is going to evaluate the reports and the flight-performance of the teams?


There will be an independent jury - the so-called Advisory Council - consisting of representatives of the aviation-industry and experts in model-aviation. 

Is it possible to improve an existing design of a model-aircraft or does every team have to design a completely new model?

It is possible to improve an existing design if it fulfills ALL the criteria given in the Task and the Rules. For example, you cannot attach a payload-box to the outside of your aircraft to carry the payload. If you improve an existing design you still have to present your calculations and design to the jury in form of the Preliminary and the Final Design Report.

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