Resume of the New Flying Competition 2016

The New Flying Competition




LSV Guenther Groenhoff Stade e.V.




After the teams got to know each other a little better, the members of Neues Fliegen e.V. used the time on Saturday to get the airfield in Stade in perfect condition for the event the next day. Everybody was excited and motivated to get the final preparations of the competition done. With combined forces and some advices by the head of the jury Frank Dohrmann ,  Prof. Detlef Schulze, the mentor of Neues Fliegen e.V. and members of the LSV (aviator-association) Guenther Groenhoff Stade e.V. the preparations were finished in the early evening hours and everybody was stoked for the upcoming day.


Sunday came and after months of preparations – for the competing teams and the organizing students – the teams from Poland, Turkey, China and Germany arrived in foggy morning atmosphere at the airfield to assemble their models for the competition and to receive the final instructions by the jury. Unfortunately only four of the six competing teams were actually able to present the abilities of their model airplanes but the teams from Uludag/Turkey and from Hamburg-Harburg/Germany showed up at the competition anyways to watch the work of their competitors.


The first task was to start the airplane with the critical engine (decided by the jury) switched off and to fly a right- and a left-hand-bend before landing the airplane again. The team from “AGH University of Science and Technology” in Krakau/Poland went first and did very well due to their smart engine concept. Secondly the team HAWings from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences”   was able to reveal their airplanes abilities for the first time and coped well with the task.

Flight by AERO Team ILK AGHFlight by HAWings


Now it was the turn of the team from the “Northwestern Polytechnical University” in Xian/China to take on the first task but the first attempt was canceled by their pilot. The second try was more successful but the plane crossed the fences while starting which had to result in a disqualification for the first task. Nevertheless the pilot tried to fulfil the task but struggled to keep the lightweight airplane stable. Even so he managed to land the airplane safely.

Flight by NPU Innovations


The last team to take on the first task was the team from the “Bialystok University of Technology”/Poland who came up with a special concept for their model. Although their model seemed on the one hand very agile but on the other hand a little bit unstable they managed to fulfil the first task, too.

First flight by Podlaska Wytwórnia Samolotów

After all teams had passed the first task Frank Dohrmann and Frank Heitmann presented an exciting flight show with their model airplanes – a A10-“Thunderbolt”-Warthog and a Yak-54 – to give the teams a small break and to entertain the spectators with some impressive stunts.


The second task was a very challenging one too: The teams had to fly a loop and afterwards fly for 10 minutes with an average speed of 60km/h while keeping the energy efficiency in mind. The team from Krakau and the HAWings showed a formidable performance with their very stable flying airplanes. Afterwards the team from Xian attended to the second task. Their flight seemed a little less stable then the two flights that preceded. But still they managed to complete the task and land their airplane convincingly.


The team from Bialystok had to take on the task with a restriction – they were not allowed to fly a loop because in the run-up to the competition they didn´t show to the jury that their model was capable of withstanding the great forces that appear during a loop. After finishing the endurance flight the jury discussed the matter once again and decided to give the team a chance to fly the loop but unfortunately the plane crumbled under the stress and crashed – luckily with nobody being harmed.


Afterwards there was still a bit of time and the team from Xian was given the opportunity to retry the first task. This time the takeoff went well but the landing resulted in a minor crash.


Nevertheless everybody was relieved that the competition worked out very well and the teams got into the bus to get back to the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences”  where the award ceremony was about to take place.


After a welcoming drink and some speeches by the jury and members of the university, the standings after reports, science slam and the final flights were announced.


The standings


1st Place: The team “NPU Innovation” of the Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xian/China



 Price money: 5000€ sponsored by Airbus Group




2nd Place: The team “HAWings” from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences / Germany



Price money: 3000€ sponsored by Lufthansa Technik




3rd Place: The “AERO Team ILK AGH” from the AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakau/Poland



Price money: 2000€ sponsored by Neues Fliegen e.V.



4th Place: The team “Wingfinity” from the TUHH, Hamburg /Germany


5th Place: The team “Podlaska Wytwórnia Samolotów” from the Bialystok University of Technology / Poland


6th Place: The “Uludag NFC Team” from the Uludag University /Turkey


Congratulations to all the competing teams and special thanks to the University of applied sciences Hamburg, Professor Detlef Schulze and especially to all our sponsors and supporters!



Magda Rucinski & Nicolai Albrecht




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  • #1

    Peter Berger (Sunday, 23 October 2016 17:55)

    Congratulations for all teams. I have read this resume and after that I was surprised by the winner because in the text team form China di not cope as well as 2 next teams. Therefore is there a possibility to post full results form the competition or are ta results clasified?
    Best regres
    Peter Berger

  • #2

    Maciej Krych (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 09:47)

    Dear Friends,
    unexpectedly won the team China, which cancelled first attempt,
    nobody even tried to explain the politician decision about the victory
    of the China team, shame
    best regards
    Maciej Krych

  • #3

    Admin (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 07:49)

    Dear Friends,
    Unfortunately we had and will not have any influences on how the jury evaluated the flights, reports and other efforts all of you made. Just be sure, that we do our best to make the results public!!
    It's one of the must valuable things, that you as a team and we as the organization are able to reflect the decisions and mistakes made and work on our selfs.
    So please stay calm and believe us, that we don't want you to wait any longer for the results.
    With kind regards,
    Florian Braatz (Admin)