New Flying Competition





Finally we can happily and proudly announce the second






The central element of the competition will be to build a model aircraft with a fully automatic wingspan-extension concerning the requirements of the parking position (80m x 80m x 80ft) at the aerodrome´s terminal on the one hand and to fulfill the demands of a highly performing and at the same time energy-efficient aircraft on the other hand.


If you are interested in taking part in the competition please have a look at the Rules of the New Flying Competition 2018. Afterwards we would be happy to receive your Pre-Registration.



To officially register your team needs to be PRE-REGISTERED! It ensures easy communication prior to the official registration to answer all your questions!


You can now find the task of the competition and the rules here!

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Welcome on the website of the "New Flying Competition", a scientific model-flight competition created by students of the students-association Neues Fliegen e.V. from the HAW Hamburg.



Conceived in 2015, brought to completion for the first time in October 2016 and now to be continued, while being supported by the aeronautical industry.


If you want to get further information about the last competition feel free to browse "PAST COMPETITIONS" for impressions and details!

New Flying Competition

a project by students from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences  

Berliner Tor 9 - 20099 Hamburg, Germany